Removing fallacies & clarifying points about Magna Carta 1215


Removing some fallacies and clarifying some points.

Time to get rid of a few fallacies……and to call a spade a spade (so to speak).

The word ‘LEGAL’ means something “relating to the law.” The accepted lie is that we have a ‘Legal’ system. We don’t.

‘Law’ ONLY relates to the common laws created for the people by the people under the constitution. Laws MUST be granted by the people (Jurors) within properly empanelled courts of law to become law. Everything else relates to corporate rules which are today treasonous. Admiralty rules are used within corporate businesses today as they are not courts of law….none of them are.

You cannot legally accept the (il)legal Fiction, own it or try to pay alleged debts with it. To do so is to be party to the fraud i.e., its double think and illegal.

Magna Carta 1215 was NOT made null and void because King John sealed it under duress. He did NOT have a sword to his throat, he was a tyrant and did not want to give up the ‘Divine Right of Kings’ to be able to continue his tyrannical reign of terror without being subject to the law.

Magna Carta 1215 was NOT made null and void by Pope innocent III in 1216. King Johns barons (peers) refused to allow it. They also refused to pay tribute to the pope nor would they allow the pope to appoint his representative as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Magna Carta 1215 was NOT repealed by parliament in 1297. Parliament illegally created Magna Carta in Statute form and continued to repeal the statute version to deceive the people and usurp their sovereignty.

We do NOT give our rights away to the (frankly useless) barons when we swear an Oath of allegiance to them. It is lawful protocol to swear an Oath to defend the realm via the barons, who should be by law be directing the dissent….Under the circumstances, and because we are sovereign and they are mere barons, we are duty bound to take the matter into our own hands as they are AWOL, I suppose we should be grateful that they invoked Article 61 at least.

The Barons’ Committee acted according to the correct protocols of of constitutional law (Article 61) when they invoked it, except for one detail, that being they should have sought an audience with the usurped “Queen” in person, instead they went through her private secretary Sir Robin Janvrin. That does not mean its invocation is null and void as the already usurped “Queen” replied to the barons petition via her private secretary, who would have been committing perjury and treason if he had not delivered the correct reply. The reply did not state that Magna Carta had been repealed or was null and void, if that had been the case then she would have ignored the petition or stated that to be the case, she did neither.

Treason is the CORE PROBLEM that we all face today even if most people don’t yet realize it. Treason = no courts of law which = no peaceful remedy which allows all the crimes of state to go unpunished, which is why they commit their crimes so blatantly and without fear of prosecution. Deal with the treason and all other crimes can also be dealt with by the people not the corporations…simple, and everyone of us would benefit.

Lawful Dissent is NOT Freeman On The Land the two movements are entirely separate.

We are not ‘Rebels’ or ‘outlaws’ we are legally (by royal command) dissenting against the usurpation of a constitutional monarch. Rebels act against the authority of a state or Nation whereas we are acting (with lawful excuse) against the LACK of authority. We are the only people within the entire realm that are standing under the law, everybody else not standing under Article 61 at this time is an outlaw (outside of the law).

We have a written and codified constitution. Magna Carta 1215 and the Coronation of Charles II 1661 (the last constitutionally correct oath standing) are written. The Constitution provides a systematic code of conduct or protocol when it is fully observed therefore it is ‘codified’.

An Act, Bill or Statute cannot be considered law unless it has been granted royal assent by a constitutional monarch (not parliament) and, allowed to remain on the Statute books by the people (Jurors-judges). The people have the last say and are therefore governed by consent.

A constitution CANNOT be an Act. An Act of parliament can be repealed by parliament therefore an Act of parliament cannot be permanent and, no parliament can bind its successors. The laws of the people (constitution) remain in perpetuity forever, and everyone (including the King) are bound by them unless or until the people decide otherwise by constitutional convention.

Parliament CANNOT ever be Sovereign. Parliament under a constitutional monarch is His/Her Majesty’s Parliament. The constitutional monarch holds the sovereignty of the people in trust as the ‘holder of the office of sovereign, and is bound by the Coronation Oath to protect the peoples laws and customs (sovereignty) and the 10 commandments. The peoples Sovereignty is ONLY in place whilst the people (jurors) can annul government legislation. We are NOT policed or governed by consent today we are policed by tacit agreement, deception or by force ONLY.

Magna Carta was specifically designed to unite the people, we must compel others by law to stand under Article 61 also. The ONLY way to defeat institutionalised treason by peaceful means is to unite, in order to become a threat of a bigger force against the force of the state. Tyranny has never surrendered without the threat of force.

We cannot resume as before with regard to the usurped and deposed monarch like it says in Magna Carta Article 61. This is because of the longevity of the treason, which goes back to at least 1666 when King Charles II committed a breach of his Coronation Oath and treason against the sovereignty of the people when he granted Royal Assent to the Cestui Que Vie Act. A constitutional convention of a re-educated peoples will be required to decide on the future for a properly democratic way of life.

Further Evidence of the acknowledgement of Magna Carta 1215 in Elizabeth II in a written message during Magna Carta 1215’s 800th anniversary:
“The story of the British monarchy is intertwined with that of Runnymede and Magna Carta. The values of Magna Carta are not just important to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, but across the world. Its principles are significant and enduring.”

[Valentine Low. “Picnic by the river marks Magna Carta’s 800 years of equality and rule of law” The Times. (2015), late ed., F1+. Print.]
On the Magna Carta 1215’s 700th anniversary, in 1915, the Scottish legal scholar William McKechnie recognised the Charter as “a clear enunciation of the principle that the caprice of despots must bow to the reign of law; that the just rights of individuals, as defined by law and usage, must be upheld against the personal will of kings”

[BRYCE, J. B., et al. (1917). Magna Carta commemoration essays. [London], Royal Historical Society.]