WHO and what is behind Agenda 2021/30/50 and the takeover of the free countries of the world? New World Order. European Union. World Economic Forum. The Great Reset.

When a country looses its Sovereignty and the people’s right to rule, freedom and liberties, it’s treason and an act of war. A complete solid Constitution of the people should protect them and their sovereignty. However, as good as our Constitutions are, they are not complete and have been violated many times, due to treason and the omission of the key clauses of Magna Carta 1215. If our constitutions are to be re written, it must be by the people, however, if it is to be replaced by a foreign regime, as the UN WEF are proposing, we are at war.

There are 2 things a regime fears, Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 and the Unity of the people.

How did all this begin? The Roman Empire’s wealth was built on enslaving mankind. 800+ years have passed since the Romans, now the Vatican and the rights of tyrant Kings were stopped from enslaving humanity, by Magna Carta 1215, enforcing the rule of law, mans common law. Once Magna Carta 1215 (MC1215) was sealed, unalienable and indestructible, it has been unlawfully and deceptively adulterated and quietly removed from our history, parliament, education and our judiciary.  Today’s oppositions are more corporate and political like the E.U. & U.N. as well as religious, Magna Carta 1215 mentions the Jews in business, and deals effectively with treason from controlled opposition. It also gives the people a way to deal with treason and takeovers. It holds individuals accountable, miraculously, in this day of corporate anonymity, and we have an effective tool to deal with treason and remedy the wrongs.

It seems this same evil cult has continued throughout history and thanks to their technology, the internet and God, we can see a clear map of the swamp of power, that hides behind the corporate greed and media propaganda and deception. The New World Order’s ultimate goal is to reduce the population on earth by two-thirds and enslave and experiment on humanity for their satanic eugenics practices hiding in fascistpharma laboratories across the world. They use corporations to infiltrate governments and to implement their agenda. You can bet just about every largecorporation has tentacles of the N.W.O reaching into it.

Klause Shwab head of the World Economic Forum stating he has been working with China for 14 years and states they will be the #1 world power. https://fb.watch/hyCMrce7Ww/

The E.U and the W.E.F are the biggest drivers of climate change and the lies to take ownership of the free world. https://rumble.com/v21jei0-wef-will-impose-energy-performance-of-buildings-directive.html

CLUB OF ROME https://www.clubofrome.org/history/