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Practical Lawful Dissent is the Lawful way to work with Magna Carta 1215. It is a miraculous gift, it basically defines our freedoms and liberties and ensures the sovereignty of mankind throughout the ages. It’s important to understand the deceptions, and the truth in the translation from the ages and from Latin to English and the treason’s that have taken place in our countries and throughout history, to unlawfully rewriting Magna Carta, to remove the key factors that ensure the liberties and freedom of those in the Constitutional Commonwealth Realm. In its 63 articles, 3 repeat Magna Carta 1215 is unalienable, and cannot be removed or destroyed. It ensures the rights and liberties of mankind in the free world and protects the peoples freedom. Article 61 is a clear directive in times of treason and war that instructs the people to lawfully rebel/dissent and distress and distrain the tyrants enmass to restore the foundation of our freedom and Rule of the People By the People and For the People. Not by treasonous, compromised unaccountable, out of control corporatized governments and regime takeovers we now have.

The English champion and founder of Practical Lawful Dissent, David Robinson, was a truth seeker and freedom lover, who realized our peoples Sovereignty and Commonwealth was being deceptively eroded and usurped by foreign powers. Davids mentor was Elizabeth Beckett, an English woman whose father was a high court judge. She raised the awareness of the Barons invocation of Article 61 on the 23rd March 2001. This kingdom shattering event was subdued by the Regime, the Treasonous parliament, Judiciary and the Corporate media, yet by law, it was quietly reported, in footer scrolling print, under the late night news at midnight on the 23rd March and reported in a small article on the 3rd page of the UK Guardian on the 24th March 2001 in an article entitled Peers

David Robinson thoroughly researched and studied the history and ramifications and started Practical Lawful Dissent in 2016, and the Practical Lawful Dissent movement exists today in many forms, as a learning group on Facebook, Practical Lawful Dissent International and PLD International Australia, PLD International NZ PLD International Nigeria, Practical Lawful Dissent II and numerous websites.

The fact is, there is no big corporate money or sponsorships behind this movement, as in its true right, it is totally a movement by the people, of lawful individuals standing under Oath of allegiance to protect their country and the Commonwealth Realm. PLD provides a safe way to protect and provide lawful recourse and Remedy for the people. Upon Davids untimely passing in November of 2021 Jacquie Phoenix took up the challenge to champion Davids work and free the people.

It’s now time for we the people to take up this challenge to restore the Rule of Law, so we all know our god given rights and freedoms, and tyrants and foreign entities cannot change our lives to suit them, and to re establish our true Common Law courts in the usurped Magistrates courts. Without them, we have no right to a fair trial by jury or a way to lawfully deal with treason and tyranny.

Under Oath of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 we are given a very clear instruction – 1. Take an oath to article 61, which removes our allegiance from the treasonous corporate regime and breaks all unlawful birth contracts, acts and statutes, legislation and mandates and puts us in Lawful Sovereign Standing, granting us lawful excuse to dissent from any unlawful demands, or aiding and abetting a Regime.

2. To distress and distrain the tyrants of the regime, take back what is rightfully ours, as Robin Hood did, he took from the wealthy crown employees and gave back to the people. Article 61 very clearly tells those under Oath to collect evidence of unlawfull demands and the treasonous actions of government and its representatives, and 3. to inform and compel others by serving lawful constitutional notices. Then 4. Dissent (safely retreat) and distrain (seize back) what is lawfully the peoples under common law, so as not to aid and abet a treasonous government or regime. The Ultimate goal of Article 61 is to ultimately to defend our sovereign commonwealth rights and wealth, and to restore the Rule of Law under Common Law, and common sense and ultimately Rule by the People, Of the People, For the People.

“We are Doing Our Constitutional Duty to Protect the Realm from Treason and Tyranny. We Only use Evidential Facts and Constitutional Law. Stand with Us in Lawful Dissent against this Treasonous Regime”

This is David Robinson’s original Practical Lawful Dissent Facebook group, Now un-moderated but still full of amazing information https://www.facebook.com/groups/practicallawfuldissent/?tn=R*F

Website – www.practicallawfuldissent.com

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