Practical Lawful Dissent Notices Process, Chart & Templates

The above table is an overview of the Constitutional 5 notice process developed by David Robinson for those under Oath to Practice Lawful Dissent. Firstly take an Oath, then if you choose, use the process for no demands where you can notify public servants of your Lawful Standing, by sending the 5 notices, 10 days apart by registered mail. If unlawful demands are being made on you, use the 5 notice process for demands. They are Lawful witnessed documents and they provide the same evidence of treason, being the most recent attempt by the EU (UN WHO) to usurp the entire Commonwealth and the Remedy of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215.

The Process

The Practical Lawful Dissent process is as effective as the person using it. So please read the notices thoroughly and research as much as you can. The notices have been written under Constitutional Law to provide consistency and evidence across the Commonwealth Realm. Just copy and paste onto a word doc and fill in the gaps. Its not difficult to do and it is educational to do it that way.

Although QEII has passed away, the evidence is still relevant for any preceding monarch.

STEP 1. Take an Oath to Article 61 to lawfully remove your allegiance from the regime and unlawful crown employees, and remove the presumption you are a legal fiction, thereby cancelling all contracts including the unlawful birth certificate/bond.

Oath of Allegiance to Barons committee of article 61

Oath to self

Step 2 Declare your lawful standing in dissent (remove the presumption of your consent). This is done either by serving a Notice of conditional acceptance onto the person making demands on you and declaring your standing under Article 61 or, if nobody is making any demand on you at the time, a Notice of lawful objection to the local police chief inspector/Sargent and Chief Magistrate Judge; declaring your standing by Oath to the Committee of the Barons (which is actually to the Common Law Constitution and not the Barons themselves). An Oath of Allegiance does not need to be sent to a baron, simply create one and have three people sign it as witnesses and it if you prefer and it becomes a legal instrument, which covers you from allegations of acting in outlawry (unlawfully). You can also send a copy to your local Mayor so they along with the council are on notice too. This helps to lobby more public servants in the area.

Notice To Chief Inspector/Constable Of Article 61 – Download

Notice To Mayor Of Article 61  Download

STEP 2. Conditionally accept any demands made upon you whilst putting them on notice that article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 is in effect today, and that they must provide evidence in substance (meaning evidence provided in document form) that article 61 is no longer in effect (which cannot be done) therefore, the crown (courts, police, tax offices, councils etc) have no authority to make whatever demand is being made against you, so they obviously cannot provide evidence to the contrary;

Notice Of Conditional Acceptance – Download

STEP 3. Serve a Notice of default and opportunity to cure if the first conditional acceptance Notice has been ignored or, your question(s) has/have been ignored. We do this to remain in honour which is an important part of the process (you can serve a second Notice of default and opportunity to cure to give them yet another chance to respond to your first and second Notice if you like).

Notice Of Default And Oppertunity To Cure – Download

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STEP 4. Serve the Notice of Default. You are stating that they are now in default and dishonour, and have agreed by either tacit consent (ignoring you) or by lack of substance (providing no written evidence of them having authority to make demands upon you), that they have no legal/lawful claim against you…. goodbye;

Notice Of Default Sent After Opportunity To Cure – Download

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STEP 5. If/when they persist serve a ‘Notice of Misprision of Treason’ (or coercion to aid and abet High Treason to be more compelling) on any persistent agent (making him/her personally liable for their actions under penalty of perjury). By evidencing acts of High Treason that have and are being committed today, the agent would then have to decide whether or not to commit high treason in order to pursue you further. If they are in the know, like so called “judges”, and the higher echelons of the police service etc, you will very unlikely hear from them again except for them to write that “your points have been noted” in an attempt not to tacitly consent to your points of law, which they do anyway when they ignore the evidence provided, and the summons or other demand for payment or whatever may invariably not be pursued, which today they more than likely will be regardless;

Notice Of Coercion To Aid And Abet High Treason – Download

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STEP 6. Finally serve a ‘Notice To Stop if required, which will likely bring another process being started against the police if/when they refuse to act).

Report any continued harassment, coercion or attempt of extortion etc to the police. Demand an investigation and a crime reference number, and remind them of their Oath of office. You will need three witnesses to accompany you to the police station to make it stick, or record it covertly. The police according to their warrant card and Oath MUST investigate ALL allegations of crime they have a ‘duty of care’ to do so, be assertive but not aggressive.

Within article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 it states that no-one will be restrained from declaring their allegiance to the committee of the barons, and that anyone unwilling to stand with them (and us at this time) must be compelled to do so. Thus we all have a duty under the law to peacefully dissent against the crown and also to “compel” others to declare their allegiance to the Constitution via the barons committee also, including of course the police.

You can also serve extra Notices on anyone ignoring the Treason Notice with a NOTICE TO STOP…this Notice can be as threatening as you like….keeping it clean (not using swear words) but use threatening language and inform them that the people are now waking up in their droves, and that soon we will collectively reassert the common law within real courts of law and, that you will pursue them with the evidence that you have collected against them to bring them to justice for their treachery…remind them that they are committing High Treason in full knowledge of the facts and, that ignorance is no defence in law.

Notice To Stop – Download

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