How to practice lawful dissent

Take an Oath to Article 61 Barons’ committee to declare your Lawful standing as Article 61 says. This proves your lawful intent and your allegiance to defend your country and it’s Sovereignty. Oath examples

Print the Oath, and have 3 adults of good standing, unrelated to you to witness your Oath. Send a photocopy Registered Mail to any of these accepting barons or to yourself (unopened) to make it a Lawful Instrument. Attach postage reciept as Registering Mail makes it a public record of your Lawful standing.

Notify Chief Judge and Sargent of police in your area of your lawful standing by using 5 notice process (because, if there is a problem, they are the first ones you will encounter). Then notify relevant public servants politicians and civil servants.

1. Notify relevant authorities of your Lawful standing.

2. Collect Evidence of treason under Common law and the constitution

3. Report the crimes of Treason.

5 Constitutional notice process Chart of the PLD Notice Process

Process for no demands is used for notifying individuals in government agencies of your lawful standing or demands and for your protection.

​If you have unlawful demands being made to you, start with a Notice of Conditional Acceptance.
– Serve, by registered mail, Notices of Lawful Objection to a Police Chief and a Judge.

– Follow up with further notices as per the detailed Layman’s Guide.


​- Join others in protecting and aiding the Commonwealth by:

– seizing public Crown assets as per Article 61

– withholding taxes so as not to fund/aid treason

– peacefully distressing the Crown through civil disobedience​

– Get creative and apply Common Law to save our realm!