The Regime Agenda

Although we do not want to perpetuate the Regimes sick agendas and propaganda, we must learn to identify treason against the people and look deeper into the facts and learn from history.

The Regime could be defined as anyone wanting to take away sovereignty, a foreign army/corporation or treasonous tyrant, or anyone making unlawful demands on a living man, or anyone other than the peoples elected democratic will of government imposing legislation/laws on the people. The tyrants of the regime have infiltrated our parliament, constitutions and establishments, and it becomes obvious their agenda is solely, to take away our constitution, our sovereignty, our freedom and our rights, with the ultimate goal of, enslavement by deception and to destroy our Commonwealth Realm. Unless you are on their side, you will be forever grateful for the existence of Magna Carta 1215 and the insight of our For-fathers, and the Barons and Knights of old.

We are becoming more aware of the deceptions, and the silent weapons being used against us now and throughout history, to enslave humanity, and to deceive the masses. Because of article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, we have a Law to stand under to protect the rights and liberties of mankind. Other than the bible, there is nothing like Magna Carta 1215 to ensure equality, regulate society, identify treason and to hold individuals accountable by promoting common sense and common law among the people. Our Realm and Commonwealth structure is based on the peoples sovereignty and Magna Carta 1215, is the nemesis of the satanic cabal and regimes who thrive on war, greed and misfortune. Imagine if Magna Carta and Constitutions did not exist, we would have been totally enslaved centuries ago. It has shaped our society and the governmental structure we have to day, with Royalty and public servants who swear an oath to protect the people. Although that too is being destroyed.

The current Regime run close parallels to the Nazi war machine and Eugenics programs proliferated throughout the last war, and is occurring throughout the world. They are using Terrorism, Covid and Climate Change to entrap the world.

Agenda 2021 2030 and 2050 is the play book for the Regime, UN EU WEF and unelected foreign interests.