MC1215, A61 & PLD in a nutshell.

Our original unalienable constitution of the people is Magna Carta 1215. All effective Constitutions have a security and defense clause, Article 61, that allows the people to take back control of their country, and deals effectively with the crime of treason. Article 61 has been invoked 4 times in history,

1. In the days prior to the sealing of Magna Carta on 15th June 1215
2. The Act of Supremacy
3. The Glorious Revolution.
4. On 23rd March 2001 to petition the Parliament signing the Commonwealth over to the EU via the Nice Treaty.

Article 61 exists exactly,7 for times like these. With the true understanding of what Magna Carta is, a treaty of the highest protection for the sovereign men and women of the Commonwealth, and the knowledge of David Robinson’s Practical Lawful Dissent, we have a peaceful and effective solution to rid our government and country of foreign entities, and to restore rule by the people. The Oath of Article 61 is able to lawfully protect you, and will identify the Regime, (anyone who will not standing under Oath), and deal with treason to win this silent war. 

We don’t need a new way or for someone to do this for us, as we the people must do this for ourselves, and restore what is rightfully ours, our Sovereignty and Common Law. Because MC cannot be destroyed, history and the regimes establishments, have not been kind to Magna Carta 1215, because it does hold the key to our freedom, and it has been adulterated and deceptively hidden and nearly forgotten, as the regime planned for 807 years whilst they could not destroy Magna Carta 1215. We are on the precipice of loosing ALL our god given rights, to this same regime, all our freedoms and liberties forever, if we don’t stand united under Magna Carta 1215 to claim our Sovereignty and the biggest guns of all, the Commonwealth. Practical Lawful dissent is a way to lawfully dissent today.

There are 2 things the Regime fear – Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 and the unity of the people.

Jacquie Pheonix

It’s a huge challenge to share little known facts of history, with a population that has been psyoped, educated and primed, by the very regime wanting to enslave them. Total enslavement of man has always been the agenda of the Regime being the Khazarian satanic Roman cults, but Magna Carta has effectively made it near impossible by granting unalienable rights to all free men and replacing the Divine Rights of Kings with the Rule of Law, that no man is above the law. When the Regime ordered King John to destroy Magna Carta, he could not, so upon his quick death, King Georges 9 year old son became King and was instructed to unlawfully and deceptively change Magna Carta, by the Roman vatican cult, who have infiltrated the Realm and they have worked their way into our institutions and enforce unlawful demands and conspire to trap and imprison you unlawfully, to restrict your freedom and free will.

We have everything we need to succeed, and we affirm the belief of the founder of Practical Lawful Dissent,- David Robinson “Freedom should always be free”.

Many people and groups charge for their information, but the whole movement of Magna Carta 1215 and Practical Lawful Dissent is free and self funded by freedom lovers who have risen to the challenge of truth, freedom and liberty. Under Oath of Article 61, we meet and compel others to stand with us and expose the deceptions and the evil agenda’s hidden from the world, by the very powers who want to enslave humanity and nature. The same Regimes with satanic plans to enslave humanity, also want to digitize currency, track, trace and control every movement of our lives through climate fear and International Health Regulations “Vaccine Passports” and Smart Cities with “wellness” concentration camps, because they have done it before, and they are mainly focused on wanting to rewrite our Constitution.

The overwhelming amount of deception and treason is becoming clearer, thank God.

There is so much treason in so many areas, that we need just one means, under God, by using Magna Carta and Article 61 as our shield. With the lawful Oath we can draw a very clear line in the sand, to expose the treason, and have the means to deal with tyranny and crime. To rid our countries of foreign powers and to keep our families and country safe. The remedy of Article 61 is a Law unto itself, and it is Lawful and peaceful.

We convert to Constitutional Common law principles to order society, and that has worked very well until the cracks of infiltration and treason appeared. So now, with our pen as our sword, we collect evidence of treason and put those making unlawful demands on us, ‘On Notice’ of their treason, and collect the evidence for a jury of our peers. We dissent ( rebel) against them with lawful excuse to distrain and take back what is rightfully ours. Do no harm, cause no loss, commit no fraud, and keep the peace, until we sort this whole mess out.

Article 61 is a very civilized remedy, and is totally by the people for the people and of the people. Magna Carta 1215 is the rock solid unalienable means to keep our freedom, and is alien to psyched up promises of retribution or retaliation, or domination by one race, making up a new Lore to save us. We cannot trust those fueled with diverse agendas for a brave new world, a great reset or ego filled virtues that Hollywood or media big $$$ can deliver. Our perfect solution already exists in its entirety without sacrifice or compromise, or pioneering systems like the F.M.O.T.L & U.C.C Commercial Trusts and navigating Maritime law systems meant to enslave humanity. None of these things will free us from the Web they have cast. I’m not saying there is no merit in looking for a better way, because we are going to need that when we win.

What’s important is we are all on the same page, standing under one Law and that we know undeniably who’s who, by being under Oath or not, simple. We become accountable, and we hold others accountable under one Law, Article 61, to restore our Rule of Law and Rule by the people for the people of the people.

There is no safer way for humanity and to learn this is quite easy.

Alot of work has already been done by just a few champions of freedom. Many of our 5 Constitutional notices have been sent registered mail to Judges politicians and police bare some good sites and videos, about how to use Article 61, and Practicing Lawful Dissent. They are very basic, because this commonsense, movement is free, and the foundation is our Lawful freedoms and liberties.

This is information is not marketed, publicized or well known, because the regime would prefer it was forgotten all together, it must be done by the people not by some leader politician or Lawyer.

It is a serious matter to take an Oath. We are not taking an oath to any man, we are taking an Oath of allegiance to article 61and the Baron who invoked it to protect the Realm and distress and distrain the regime. In the Commonwealth every man and woman should be sworn into public office, under Oath they are accountable as individuals, not hiding behind a pseudonym or a corporation. As public servants, lawmen and religious people, they take an Oath to declare their allegiance and intent, and to be held accountable and hold others to account by it. This accountability under oath is as old as the hills, because it works, but that doesn’t mean we havn’t become despondent and allowed it to lapse, serving the regimes agenda to get rid of the Commonwealth. We don’t need something new or expensive to do this. We already have the freedom and the infrastructure in place, and the entire Commonwealth world has the ability right now, to unite under one Law, our Law, no confusion, no complications and remedy this whole mess while we still have a chance.