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This site tells an unheard story about the deception of humanity worldwide, and how we find ourselves standing on the edges, of the shackles of modern slavery. This site tells best of all, how We the People can Win Together with Truth above evil, and how we can do it by holding individuals responsible for their crimes and actions ” DiVA

Here you will find a growing plethora of information and research from many different sources, mainly Practical Lawful Dissent. We do not mix methods or laws, we keep it simple, Constitutional Law. The research is self evidenced, and is presented in Laymans terms where possible. We try to refrain from perpetuating the details of the Regimes evil agendas and instead offer evidenced solutions to the modern day mysteries and the hidden truth behind our Sovereignty, and all about the miraculous Magna Carta 1215.

We will give you an overview of the history of the treason with the Law of Article 61. How to interpret it, how to use it, and how it is the answer to the immense threats we face to our sovereign rights and freedoms. Article 61 is also a remedy to put the people back in peaceful power.

Please take your time to research this information, and let your boundaries and your perceptions be expanded beyond the regime’s relentless media narratives, to find your future, your safety and security in the truth.

Magna Carta 1215 is so much more than has ever been reported in history, or that the Vatican and BAR association will ever reveal. It’s a miraculous constitution for the people of the entire free Commonwealth world, regardless of how history was written and told, it was made to withstand time, to ensure it remains the gold standard, especially if a countries constitution is breached, and to always improve the safety, security, freedoms and liberties of all free men. The regimes narratives will tell you otherwise, and the deceptions are printed in books and literature we find today about Law, Government, Courts, Magna Carta and Sovereignty. People knowingly or unknowingly have perpetuated this narrative, and belittled the great charter with misinformation and comments like “King John had a knife to his throat”, or “its not for the common man”.

When you realize Magna Carta 1215 is the English Common Law Constitution For The People, and the struggle the hero’s of 1215 endured to end the ruthless rights of kings and tyrants, and to ensure the freedom of all the people, then the extent to which the regime have gone to, to eliminate Magna Carta 1215, to unlawfully change it, and extract it from the education system and our history books, becomes obvious.

The Regime could be defined as a treasonous tyrant or anyone making unlawful demands on a Freeman, or anyone other than the peoples elected democratic government imposing laws on the people. The Regime have infiltrated our parliament, constitutions and establishments, and it becomes obvious their agenda is solely, to take away our constitution, our sovereignty, our freedom and our rights, with the ultimate goal of, enslavement by deception and to destroy our Commonwealth Realm. Unless you are on their side, you will be forever grateful for the existence of Magna Carta 1215 and the insight of our Forfathers, and the Barons and Knights of old.

We are becoming more aware of the deceptions, and the silent weapons being used against us now and throughout history, to enslave humanity, and to deceive the masses. Because of Magna Carta 1215 we have a Law to stand under to protect the rights and liberties of mankind. Other than the bible, there is nothing like Magna Carta 1215 to ensure equality, regulate society, identify treason and to hold individuals accountable by promoting common sense and common law among the people. Our Realm and Commonwealth structure is based on the peoples sovereignty and Magna Carta 1215, which is the nemisis of the satanic cabal and regimes who thrive on war, greed and misfortune. Imagine if Magna Carta and Constitutions did not exist, we would have been totally enslaved centuries ago. It has shaped our society and the government structure we have to day, with public servants who swear an oath to protect the people. Although that too is being destroyed.

Always remember, it is the people who are Sovereign, not the monarch who has a job, as the holder of the office of our sovereignty. The government or the state is not sovereign, its the people who are meant to be sovereign as stated in the bible. In our democratic Constitutional Commonwealth its We the people who are meant to rule our governments, they work for us, but this basic premise has slowly been eroded and we now have a completely rigged system of treason and unaccountability. We must take individual responsibility to research, and act to ultimately claim our sovereignty, to reinstate the rule of law and take back our courts and our countries for the safety and future of our children.

We have provided all relevant information pertaining to Article 61, Sovereignty, Magna Carta 1215 and practical applications of Practicing Lawful Dissent. We ask you to use your deiscernment and god given insights to help you learn quickly.

The whole practical Lawful Dissent process is here for you to learn and to use. Read the notices, they do repeat the information and evidence, ask questions, but do refrain from asking a lawyer or judge from the Regimes Bar association for thier opinion, as they knowingly/unknowingly do not acknowledge Common Law or Magna Carta 1215, and we dont need them. There are links and videos for further research. You may contribute in anyway you choose.

We the people must take back our countries,. No-one can do this for us. DISSENT ON!

More up to date action with Justin Hardwick from HARE https://hardwickalliance.org/ and Will Keyte from commonlawconstitution.org

Discussion is welcome in our Forum, and above all, respect is required.